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Test Flight

Everthing from our members package and then some!

You're not just witnessing history — you're flying it. This is your exclusive ticket to be among the first to test pilot our revolutionary manned drone.

Your Elite Aviator Experience Includes: Test Flight Opportunity: Experience the thrill of piloting the future. Take the controls of our world-record-breaking manned drone under the guidance of our expert team. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you lift off, maneuver, and glide over our 6.5 acres testing Facility.


VIP All-Access Pass: Get behind-the-scenes access to our hangar and workshop. Witness firsthand where and how your drone was born, from conceptual sketches to the final, awe-inspiring product.


One-on-One with the Designers: Enjoy a personal session with our engineering and design team. Learn about the advanced technologies, innovative materials, and visionary concepts.

Test Flight

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